Join Us!

The excitement is palpable. We’ve got a great team and it keeps growing daily. And we all want the same thing: to work together to ensure that Westchester County continues to be a great place to work, live, and play – for us and for our children.

Of course, that’s going to take lots of resources and lots of dollars.  And it’s going to take you!

As of June 2012, we’ve secured both the quantitative and qualitative support of many of Westchester’s industry sectors, and raised $325,000 for the BLUEPRINT Initiative. We also have commitments of $200 million in services, financing, and space for the BLUEPRINT Accelerator Network.

But that’s just the beginning. Truth is, in order for this ambitious program to succeed, we’ll need your support. Let us share with you our accomplishments and vision for the future and discuss ways we can work together.

Contact Marissa Brett today at 914-948-6444 or