Through the WCA’s Young Professionals Executive Group, The BLUEPRINT for Westchester is spearheading the effort to transform Westchester into a greater place to work, live, and play. To that end, it has formed a partnership with Project for Public Spaces , a nationally renowned organization, whose pioneering approach helps to transform public spaces into vital places that highlight local assets, spur rejuvenation, and build stronger communities.

PPS is working with WCA’s Young Professionals Group and Economic Development Task Force (“The BLUEPRINT for Westchester”) on “placemaking” issues to improve the county’s downtowns, civic areas, corporate campuses, transportation hubs, and more. The object? To create the neighborhoods and amenities of the future to begin attracting educated and creative young professionals to Westchester County.


Major YP Events:

(2012) Work.Live.Play. Westchester! Paving the way for the future of Westchester:

  • Partnered with Project for Public Spaces
  • Event held at Pepsico
  • 100+ Attendees
  • Municipal Officials & Businesses Engaged

(2013) Rethinking Westchester: A Blueprint for Smart Growth Conference

  • Municipal Planners urged to embrace Work. Live. Play. and Placemaking
  • Ethan Kent, VP, Project for Public Spaces, advocates collaborative planning
  • Greenburgh Planning Commissioner Thomas Madden prods Westchester’s cities and towns to rezone to support better public spaces
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