Westchester’s Assets

Westchester is: A great place to work. A great place to live. A great place to be.

We have:

The space – forty square miles of varied terrain, bounded by a great river, a world capital, rural upstate, and good neighbors

The lifestyle – urban, suburban, exurban and rural… retail, wholesale, commercial

The people – a diverse population that befits a world capital satellite

Cultural vitality – world class art, music, theater, dance, nature, sports

Good transportation – three rail lines, an airport, five parkways, two interstate highways, county-wide bus service

Great location – close proximity to New York City, Connecticut, and New Jersey, and international access

Fine education – sixteen institutions of higher learning; excellent public schools

Outstanding healthcare – a highly competitive $10 billion dollar industry that rivals its neighbors’ to the south


Westchester’s got it all!

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